Our Quinnie

I never wanted a dog
But then you came along
And now I'm broken hearted and can't stop the tears
Because I no longer have a dog

Everywhere I look I see you
You're curled up on your blanket on the couch
You're sprawled out in your corner by the back porch door
You're nestled in your bed
You're lying in the grass by the front porch and along the driveway 
You're under the table keeping my feet warm when we eat or play games
You're sniffing the grass along the trail
You're gazing out the back window of the car
You're trying your hardest to balance on the ottoman
You're stalking squirrels and the neighbor's cat 
     (and sometimes plastic bags blowing in the wind)
         from your spot in the screened porch.

I see your nose prints on windows
    and your hair on the floor when the sun hits it just right

All of your stuffies are tucked away neatly in your basket
    except for the one I hold at night
Your blanket, which I can't bring myself to wash, 
     is folded and put away in a drawer, 
          along with the squirrel collar Santa brought you for Christmas

I miss you so much Quinnie

I miss the soft fluffy fur by your ears
I miss your licks when I come in from a run
I miss how 'turnt' you get when we ask you if you want to go for a car ride
I miss how you know how to turn around 
     and pick up the pace 
          when we are on a walk 
               and you see the sign that marks halfway
I miss how you rest your head on our laps when you're begging for food
I miss how you back into us when you want your booty scratched
     and how you lie on your back 
          with your paws in the air to get your belly rubbed
I miss how you wedge your head between my knees when you want me to give you pets
I miss how your reach out with your paw when we aren't paying attention
I miss how you are so smart that you know two morning potty trips get you two treats
I miss how you listen to commands when your nightly Greenie is involved
I miss how you believe you are a lap dog

I miss the sound of your snoring
     and the way you sigh when you lie down
It's so very quiet in our bedroom now

And I especially miss weekend snuggles in bed 
     and forehead time

I hope you know how much we love you
     and how grateful we are to have been your family

But Quinnie,
how can we spread your ashes
     in your favorite place
          when your favorite place 
               has always been with us?

Karen Hovie
February 2021

11 thoughts on “Our Quinnie

    1. This is such a beautiful reflection of your sweet Quinnie. She was so loved and brought her family so much love. Her life was a two way blessing. I am so very sorry for your loss. I just can’t imagine.

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  1. You put into words ,what it is like to lose a pet.Quinn gave you love but he was lucky to have had your family as her humans. Maybe she and Snickers are playing together now!!


  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your Quinnie. I remember how unsure you were when you agreed to take her. Then she cost a fortune shortly after getting her. Yet you stuck it out and you never regretted it. This is a beautiful tribute to her and I’m sure she loved you too.


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