Personal Freedom vs. Societal Responsibility

I remember when it became real. We were traveling from Wisconsin to Georgia on a Monday morning, mid-March. The highways were eerily quiet. No traffic in Chicago. Indiana Starbucks, drive-thru only. Heck. I didn't even have to yell BRAKE LIGHTS (the hubby appreciates my help) as we drove through Louisville and Nashville and Chattanooga. Rush … Continue reading Personal Freedom vs. Societal Responsibility

So, This Patience Thing…Is It Really a Virtue?

Peter was the final straw, but Hannah started it. I mean honestly. The drama. (One would almost think it was the whole premise of the show.) Maybe it actually goes back to Colton's days. I had such high hopes for the self proclaimed virgin, but oh-my-gosh, the fence jumping and subsequent disappearance really did me … Continue reading So, This Patience Thing…Is It Really a Virtue?