Questions I Need to Answer

Lots of feelings here. I'm frustrated. Frustrated by conspiracy theories. Frustrated by lies. Frustrated by social media funneling people into extreme communities. I'm sad. Sad so many are susceptible to misinformation due to isolation and anger. I'm frightened. Frightened the silence of many can make the voices of few deafening. Frightened by people who are … Continue reading Questions I Need to Answer

What’s Your One Word for 2021?

2019? Action. 2020? 2020. T-w-e-n-t-y-t-w-e-n-t-y... idea. Checking... Ah, yes! Relationships. In hindsight (you betcha that was intentional), an interesting word choice for 2020. Despite not remembering my 2020 word, I wasn't an abject failure. At any rate, here we are. New year (thank goodness), new word. I believe 'one word' should be about change. … Continue reading What’s Your One Word for 2021?

Personal Freedom vs. Societal Responsibility

I remember when it became real. We were traveling from Wisconsin to Georgia on a Monday morning, mid-March. The highways were eerily quiet. No traffic in Chicago. Indiana Starbucks, drive-thru only. Heck. I didn't even have to yell BRAKE LIGHTS (the hubby appreciates my help) as we drove through Louisville and Nashville and Chattanooga. Rush … Continue reading Personal Freedom vs. Societal Responsibility